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See what Bernadette House has to offer

Bernadette House offers spacious living accomodation and a variety of recreational spaces. The home has 31 bedrooms, 27 single rooms and four twins for couples or those who prefer to share. The majority of our rooms have en-suites and many have been recently refurbished. 

The home has three lounges. A large lounge where all our residents can gather to watch entertainers and for group games, a television lounge and a quiet lounge that residents can use to relax, day-dream or enjoy forty winks. We have two conservatories that look out over the expansive gardens and a dining room where table-service meals are taken.

The expansive gardens attract a variety of wildlife, including rabbits, squirrels, ducks and an array of beautiful birds. Our 'green-fingered' residents have a wonderful opportunity to plant flowers and tend the herb garden, while others simply enjoy the sunshine.

Bubble and Squeak, the Bernadette House guinea pigs have a large hutch and run in the graden and residents are invoved in their care.